Uglens Morgen - The owls Morning

Uglens Morgen

The morning of the owls, is a piece where I want to take you into a fictional scenery. My emphasis is mostly on just creating something wild and crazy! ha ha yeah, why not.. You have the sea, the landscape and the sky.. I just had to stop on this piece, it was just screaming for more and more pencil strokes.. So I did, and this is the result.

This painting is not measured yet, but I am thinking like 25x35 cm or in that area. I framed it myself today in a old frame I had sitting. New owner maybe wanna put another frame on, but that is cool.

This painting is up for sale, and I am going to share it around the sites I am on.. So don’t know yet what happens to it. A visitor from yesterday told me the sky had a very van Gogh feel to it, so I just kept it.. Might keep this painting myself I don’t know yet

My brother say’s this painting should be up in a surfers shop.. Well, then they have to talk to my sister who secured this painting for her collection today

All the best


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