Summer Pastures Highlands


May 15th 2017:

In this piece I wanted to take up to the highlands, in a fictional place.. You can see the small cabin and the fence as signs of civilization is present, not to mention the lonely calf. The mountains still have snow, cause it is high up.. I am talking we are like 1000 meters above sea…

Totally fictional, and totally abstract? You know I just call them “Fantascapes” If you want the real thing capture, break out the photo camera.

Well hope you enjoy this one.. It is at the moment up for sale, so get in touch if you are interested in this or any of the other now 19 paintings I am working on. Oh I will update the photo’s of the other paintings soon, as I have worked quite a bit on them.

Size of painting: 40x30cm (without frame)

Update May 16th: This painting is sold.

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All the best


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