Time Capsule Works 2017

21 canvases and a thousand ideas!

I will update this page with finished work with stories from time to time. I decided not to show my unfinished work anymore.

Status: 4 completed paintings out of 21 canvases.. I do not rush things and made a update on this page today and took away the sketches.. Will need to work slow on what I got now even if I made 4 paintings i May, I work a little on each of the 17 canvases I got left. Will not buy anymore before I am done with these.. For the odd 20 years as amateur painter it’s always been like that with me.. And I DO know that eventually some painting will be my last

For the one’s who own one or more of my paintings, hope you enjoy them. Most of them was gifts, some where sold.. I don’t remember all of them, and that is fine.

Arbeid 1 - Work 1

Arbeid 2 - Work 2

Arbeid 3 - Work 3

Arbeid 4 - Work 4

Arbeid 5 - Work 5

This painting was completed on May 20th 2017 - A 50x50cm piece in acrylic

I will update a comment later

Arbeid 6 - Work 6

Arbeid 7 - Work 7

Arbeid 8 - Work 8

Arbeid 9 - Work 9

Arbeid 10 - Work 10

Arbeid 11 - Work 11

May 16th 2017 - I finished this piece. Titled “Uglens Morgen” or “the Owls Morning”. It’s a tiny canvas approx 25x35cm or something in that range (sorry did not measure it). I have worked and reworked this little canvas many times, and really only left the sky alone this morning when I started working on it. And at one time I was like “I can go on and on forever, or I can finish it up now!” So I did finish it. It’s a board, we call it respatex. So had to paint the sides and backside to and also put verniss on that. And lucky I had a frame lying around for it, so I present the finished result.

This painting is sold

Thank you for checking out my Sketches… Will update this section as I go a long… Lot's of the pieces among the 21 photo’s in this site is worked on.. Now have 3 finished and several of them ready to be ready

Thank you!

Arbeid 12 - Work 12

Arbeid 13 - Work 13

Arbeid 14 - Work 14

May 15th 2017 - I finished this work “Sommarbeite” or “Summer Pasture Highlands”. It’s a piece that I reworked a dozen times, and I think I’ve had this canvas for several years. So it was good to send it off to my dads today for storage. Hope you enjoy it. Will do a post about too in the site to explain a little more about what I wanted to do.

Update May 16th: This painting is sold

Arbeid 15 - Work 15

Arbeid 16 - Work 16

Arbeid 17 - Work 17

Arbeid 18 - Work 18

Arbeid 19 - Work 19

Arbeid 20 - Work 20

I finished this painting with working title “If Mountains Could Think” today at 25th of May 2017. Right now I am at coat 1 doing varnish.. Photo here is not 100% since its really hard to photograph these paintings.. Size here is like 40x40cm or something like that and its painted on board.. respatex board.. I am moving away from that.. All the paintings in this 21 painting time capsule 2017 is a mix of old and new canvases.. I am going to finish every single one of them before I buy any new ones. Then move up to 1x1 meter at least.

This painting is done in acrylics, that is what I use.. Done with spatula and brushes. It’s a mountain motive that leaves everything up to you imagination

Had fun with this one, and I am happy I just decided to sign and finish it today..

Hope you enjoy it

Arbeid 21 - Work 21

Titled “Eg Ser” or “I see”, this painting was done on a request from my aunt and uncle. I made it on a respatex canvas I have had for ages, and did this entire painting in one day. I just sat down until it was finished and worked and worked.. What did I not use? I mean, here I used my fingers a lot and brushes and painters spatula.. And I just kept going until I had this wonderful result. So you see?

Painting is sold

I will update the images as soon as I start working on them from time to time

Thanks for stopping by

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