Commision A Painting

Place an order for one of my paintings

In a very limited scale, you can commision a painting from me. You can choose from my unfinished work on this site listed by photo, or we can start a entirely new one. You need to understand that painting is very time consuming, and a tad costly when it comes to the things I need to paint. So if you contact me with a request, I will make a mental note on it and get back to you.

You can email me at and I am confident I may or may not be able to create something for you. It’s nice if you give me some pointers on what you are after, and then I promise I do my best to make that happen

Prices vary really, so it’s hard to say how much I want for each painting… Maybe it’s easier for you to tell me what you are willing to pay and we work around that.

Look forwards to hearing from you

Kind Regards


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