Month of June 2017

We are mid into the month of June, and it was about time the June painting was posted in the Art Calendar.

Production has been down lately due to several reasons, but I keep working. My other projects always takes time and lot’s of other things. I might be going away to paint this summer, but did not decide where yet. If I do I plan to buy just a few good canvases where I go and bring my paints and brushes.. Maybe do some plain air. We will see we will see.

This months painting is really just a experiment I did, and spent really huge amounts of paint on it.. It changed appearances a dozen times as I have been trying out some techniques and such. I put a first varnish layer on this one today, as I had someone come by who wanted to buy it just as it is. I usually don’t do that, but hey its June and time to be nice. Often I don’t see the same things that other people see and vice versa

Have a great summer everybody!

If I finish a painting, you may be lucky enough to see it here

I have this plan to think more in “negative style” with my coming paintings. It’s a well known technique in art I will start working on. The two photos of the same paintings shows what this way of painting can do. The one on top is run trough a filter and the one below is the original. Let us see if we can bring this way of thinking into the new stuff coming soon. Down to 14 canvases in this project now.. sold 7 so far this year

Kind Regards

Olav Hovdhaugen

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