If Mountains Could Think

If Mountains Could Think

On May 25th - 2017 I completed this painting

40x40cm (approx) - Canvas done with acrylic paint

What if mountains could think? They sure are looking over and down on us all the time.. I wonder what they are thinking. Gave the working title as I did simply because who knows

Again a acrylic piece, and I had fun doing it.. Did not do much to it today, just touch up and sign and starting varnish process.. Do some more coats and maybe finish that tomorrow. Using painters spatula to do the snow, and mostly brushes and smudging with finger.. It’s a fun piece and I decided not to do more to it. It can leave a fun look to it since I could have done more or less and it can go several different ways.. But room for improvement? Sure and I think move up in size on canvas, as it’s simply more fun and good to work bigger.

Glad to finish this up today, and I hope you like it.

Will update the rest of the site once I got something ready to be shown. Oh photo of painting is a bit off, but I hope you get the picture.. And it’s my 5th painting this month, so once I have posted this I will celebrate with a cup of coffee

Some paintings are for sale, so just send me a message if you see something you like or want me to paint something for you.. All I need is time

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