Work “I see” made May 10th 2017

Eg ser - I see

"I see"

Painted this today. A really fun piece, where I mostly used my finger, a little brushes and painters spatula. It's a little ruff painting that was created in the spur of the moment today while drinking coffee and smoking. I think it is sold already, will see in a few days.

Anyways, now down to 20 canvases before I got to hit the paint supply shop again. I am feeling creative, so working on several pieces at a time. But my oh my I wanna try my luck at this style of paint again tomorrow.. You know, I credit this painting to my dad. He was dropping by earlier reminding me I need to stop in time when I am working on a painting. Think he got a point. No need to overdo things

OK, so a tricky question mostly to see if anyone is paying attention to this: How many different colors and nuances does this painting have. Any answer is welcome

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A photo of the painting before it was treated with verniss

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