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Use PayPal to support the Art Calendar Project

Any payment sent via the PayPal button above, will be sent to the Riino Labs company PayPal account, and will be used specifically to this project. You can donate any sum you want, and all gifts are more then welcome.

It’s also possible to become a monthly supporter at our Patreon account

Thanks a million for your gift!

The PayPal button can also be used when you buy a painting

Believe it or not, but I am selling my paintings.. If you buy one and don’t have a chance to come to my studio, you can order one via email etc and I can send it to you via mail or carrier. I think it’s reasonable that you then pay the fee for shipping and pay the order in full via PayPal when I send it. Since PayPal secures your order and can issue a refund, this also feels better for me.

Art is a investment for you and also for me. I put a lot of hard work into each piece I create and I love when my artworks are completed and get the honor of being hanged up on a wall. Reach out to me in good time if you want to order one or buy something I am finished with.

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