Between the Mountains

Between the Mountains

On May 20th - 2017 I completed this painting

50x50cm - Canvas done with acrylic paint

I Guess I am on a roll now, but since I work on several paintings at a time, from time to time there will be multiple paintings that are close to finished, or I just put my mind into finishing them. Since the 21 canvases in this project all are rolled into my “Fantascape” series they will more or less come out like this. Fantascape is not a word I just made up for fun, it really tells the difference from my style of paintings and others.. Like I can’t really paint to realistic that is resembles a photo anyways or even if I could, so I do my own thing.. So started calling my style for these kind of paintings FANTASCAPE ages ago. maybe 10-15 years or more

So today’s piece is called as a working titles “Between the Mountains” but of course it can be anything you want it to be.. I see some clear mountains, a sky a sea and a beach and things like that, but you know what? Any viewer of my paintings can see different things.. Some just see shapes and different faces etc, but that is what is so fun with art: it’s free

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