About the Art Calendar Project

About this project

This project was kicked off at the site: Patreon around Friday 07.04.2017 when I set up a page there, found at: https://www.patreon.com/olav78

My plan is shortly to paint one acrylic painting each month, and use it as a calendar. I plan to do some behind the process documentation with e.g photo’s and short writing and more as I go along

All the things related to my Patreon account will be posted in this page, so that the backers and patrons can take part in the project.

I have some ideas, and one is to make a printed calendar among other things

Right now I have some paint, some canvases and brushes… In other word all the tools I need. Once the Patreon backers start joining in supporting me financially, I will embark on the project. Let’s say it like it is: Your support is what will get me started.

About the artist

I have been drawing since childhood, and even was involved in making a cartoon that was showed on TV in the 80ths. I think I vaguely remember to start painting with acrylics in 1997 or sometimes around there. I’ve done anything from portraits to calligraphy and lot’s of nature paintings and also a few city images. Lately I did not paint so much, but sold 5 paintings I made in fall 2016. I also have taken drawing lessons with a great artist where I live. So, I am not totally a novice in arts. They say if you can draw you can paint.

Now I got around 21 canvases ready for this project. I plan to fund buying more supplies and canvases with the funds I raise on Patreon and from sales. I have quite a few people already who has ordered paintings, so as soon as I get to work this thing will roll by itself.

My plan now in the next step is to roll out pages by month.. and then bombard these pages in a beautiful way with a main artwork and lot’s of fun stuff about the process of making these paintings.

I hereby dub the Art Calendar:

“If mountains could sing”

Thank you for visiting my site, feel free to visit again

Kind Regards

Olav Hovdhaugen, Norway

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